About Us

Our Mission

To help individuals escape perpetual modern-day overload by providing products and services that foster mental organization, self-empowerment and peace of mind.

Our Company

Founded in 2014, The Little Big Things, LLC started out as a company selling a new type of planner. Since then, it has expanded its focus to include education and training with the overall goal of making mental organization an essential pillar of health & wellness. Today, The Little Big Things, LLC has served over 1,000 people, helping them feel more connected to their priorities and empowered in their daily routines.

Our Story

Several years ago, as Gail stepped away from her successful career in human resources to “stay at home,” she found herself feeling completely pressured to “do it all” for her kids and family.  She jumped headfirst into over-doing, over-scheduling and over-committing. It seemed like everyone else around her was focused on the same life approach.

Over time, as she worked harder and longer to get it all done, she discovered that what she really wanted was a practical way to do LESS. And yet, she realized that most organizational tools available on the market (including the one she was using!) are geared instead towards maximizing one’s productivity.

In an effort to filter, prioritize and distill the relentless demands of modern-day life, Gail created a unique tool that would facilitate what she needed. Unexpectedly, a new and powerful approach to personal organization began to unfold. In a relatively short amount of time, Gail felt much more in control of her busy life and more connected to the things that truly serve her. Gail knew she had to share her secret with others.

The Dashboarding Mind Management approach to personal organization and MY Dashboard® Planner were born. Today, Gail teaches individuals how to “get to less”  through training sessions at businesses, schools, networking groups and professional organizations so they are able to live the lives they are meant to live!

Our Founder

Gail Kreitzer

Gail believes that it is often the LITTLEST things that have the BIGGEST impact. Prior to starting The Little Big Things LLC, Gail worked in Human Resources within the marketing/advertising industry for 10+ years. She received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Community Development from the University of New Hampshire. Today she resides in NJ with her husband and two daughters. My Dashboard Planner Logo

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